Black River District News

Recall on Cub Scout neckerchief slides due to lead concern

This recall involves Boy Scouts of America's neckerchief slides. The brass neckerchief slides were sold in four styles: red wolf, green bear, orange lion and blue Webelos. ... number 200228276, 20023175, 200233281 or 200236630 are printed on a white label attached to the back of the neckerchief slide.

Den Chief – Training Syllabus for this Leadership Position Revised

As packs and troops begin to develop their programs for the next year, planning to train and support den chiefs is an important part of the Scouting process for leadership development. The Den Chief training syllabus, which was recently updated, is available at this web address:


The BSA will require that all adults have YPT2 certification by 1 October. If you haven't updated your training since 1 February 2018 your current YPT will expire on 30 September and all charters will be revised to drop those you have not taken YPT2. All units should check the status of all adult members and remind those in need of the training to take in ASAP.  If you need to take YPT2 it is strongly advised to do it NOW. National expects the website to be deluged by the second half of September and access may be delayed or slow. The website address for YPT2 is:  

Eagle Project Looking for Life Scouts in Need of a Project

We have a big list of projects if anyone is looking for one. We are a non-profit therapeutic and equestrian riding center. Here's our list... 1) build a wheelchair ramp by our new arena (it would be a smaller scale one than the current one we have which was an eagle scout project) - this one may be taken already. 2) build a viewing platform (we need 2) like the two that are around the big arena (those are both eagle scout projects) 3) build a wall of boot storage shelves for the boots we loan out to the riders if they can't afford or find riding boots 4) Build a wall of storage shelves for our therapeutic riding games and activity items - this would be opposite the wall of boots in the storage area behind the hay. We desperately need organizing for our TR games and activities. 5) make a wall with an entrance door to the boots and TR game storage area - we really need it floored in as well as thin paneling placed on the ceiling since the hay dust comes thru the loft floor and makes ever ...

NESA Scholarship Window Now Open Until 31 October 2018

If you are an Eagle Scout looking for scholarships for post-secondary education (including vocational trade schools), the NESA scholarship window is now open. You must review the NESA Scholarship webpage prior to applying. The link to the scholarship application is in the  "HOW TO APPLY" section of the NESA Scholarship webpage (Eagle Scouts will find the application link in Steps 3 or 4, depending on if you have applied in a prior year). The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on October 31.