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2020 BSA informational meeting Black River District

From our conference call 7/23/2019

Please mute phones.

Welcome to our conference call. On behalf of Scott Federchak District Commissioner and Katelyn Merritt District Executive, we thank you for your efforts and leadership in the Black River District

The reason for this call is that some changes are going to be made that will impact everyone especially new members, recruiting, and fund raising.

 In order to be prepared we are trying to give everyone a heads up. 

We will not be able to cover all questions tonight however we will be receiving additional information from the council that we will share via our media devices including Roundtable.

 It will be important to keep informed.

We also need your input.

1)    Pending Lawsuits

a)      Wall Street Journal Report December 13, 2018

b)      BSA hired Sidley Austin for assistance in a possible Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing

c)       Michael Surbaugh -   We believe in fairly compensating them and have made offers

d)      Settlement has not been decided, part of a class action

e)      If an agreement is made settlements would be for issues on or before this agreement date

f)       Insurers are anxious to limit their liability.  Looking for assets to secure their charge

g)      News and general publicity has impacted fund raising nationally and locally

2)    Impact on fundraising

a)      Our council has done well this year however it’s been more difficult

b)      Some units provide very little.

c)       Some units very supportive

d)      Popcorn sales

e)      Camp Cards and other fund raisers


3)    Polaris Project

a)      Made up of Occoneechee Council Board of Directors

b)      A consultant specializing in this sort of thing with profits and non-profits

i)        Included two District Chairs

c)       Over a year of discussion and development

(1)    A very thorough investigation looking at all aspects of revenue

(i)      More aggressive fund raising

(ii)    Fee Based

(iii)   Dues Based

(iv)  Combinations of the above

4)    Proposed Dues Structure

a)      Announcement date August 1

b)      Employment Date October 1

c)       $19 dollars per youth member

d)      Adults will be whatever their cost will be from national

e)      The plan is to have this in place for at least 18 months


5)    Friends of Scouting Campaign

a)      These will continue

i)        Council FOS

ii)       District FOS

iii)     Golfing

iv)     Shooting Clays

v)      Breakfast

b)      This will go away

i)        Family FOS

6)    Scholarships and special needs

a)      Scholarship applications possibly handled similar to camperships

b)      We are expecting some units to be totally on scholarships

c)       Spot checking on several councils on the Left coast.

(1)    25% Scholarships

(2)    50% Scholarships

(3)    The impact on membership is not known.

d)      We as a council will do our best to make Scouting available to all scouts regardless of their ability to pay.


7)    Impact to existing FOS, Sustaining donors


8)    Direct payments to units, internal fund raising


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Christy Turpin
Are Cub Scout Packs paying $19/month throughout the year or just for the 9 months they are active?
Friday, July 26, 2019 · reply ·
That question was not specifically addressed. The cost per scout is $228. It's possible the cost could be spread over a shorter period of time. We are looking for further clarification for Council on this matter.
Saturday, July 27, 2019 · reply ·