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Upcomming Black River District Troop Leader Training Aug 2 thru 4, Northwest Harnett County

Black River District Troop Leadership training will be here before you know it.  We are still expecting to hear from more units.  Several units have already signaled their intention to participate.  Attendance will help your unit with JTE.

Start time is 5:00 pm on Friday August 2.  There will be several activities the early arriving groups will be able to participate. There will be a heavy cracker-barrel provided Friday night and our program will end with short a religious service Sunday August 4 at 10:30 am.

All adults will be asked to bring several simple items to the activity.  We will contact you once we have an idea as to who will be attending. It is important that adult unit leaders participate.  If you have NYLT trained youth leaders please indicate as such so they can be involved and provide part of the training.

Examples of items needed

1.       One can be very simple quiz or short 10 min. questionnaire or story that can be shared with the group.

2.       One team building activity.  You should bring any equipment you might need or notify me so I can obtain what you need.  We should have blind folds, twine etc. available.

3.       Suggested concepts or your units needed focus areas.

4.       Enthusiasm and a genuine interest to develop our youth leaders.

Topics for the TLT

1)       Managing personal expectations

2)       Identifying personal targets

3)       Unit structure and positions of responsibilities

4)       Developing unit goals and planning

5)       Dealing with conflicts

6)       Empathic problem solving

7)       The importance of long term planning.

Scouts and Scouters Attendees need to bring:

Class A uniform

Bring your regular personal camping equipment

Bring a cup you can identify

Bring your tent, cots, hammocks etc.

Private ambient temperature showers are available for your use.

Our camp site has water, flush bathrooms and electrical. Bring an extension cord if you need one.

You will probably want a comfortable chair, rain gear and writing equipment


Food will be provided along with eating utensils and cooking equipment, stoves and tarps. You might want some bug spray however the area will have been treated for bugs. The campsite is located at 1901 Ball Road, Holly Springs right behind 3591 Cokesbury Road, Fuquay-Varina in Northwest Harnett County. Parking is available however gear will be transported to campsite via a trailer.


We will need a roster of attending scouts including first, last name and position of responsibility.  Please include any adults attending listing their first and last name.  Please send these to me via Email. as soon as possible. 


Remember materials, food and equipment needs to be purchased in advance for this event.  Time is necessary to make sure everything is available. Please register as soon as possible. Total cost of this event is $20.00 per person and includes food, trained patch, certificate, handouts.

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