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Upgrades to Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement is being upgraded and the new and more useful Internet Advancement 2.0 is now available.

With the release of Internet Advancement 2.0 the use of Internet Advancement 1.0 will cease on 10 June 2019 except for Explorers. If you use version 1.0 and want any of its historical information you must download it before 10 June 2019. Information on downloading Internet Advancement 2.0 is below and available in greater detail at:

How can someone access Internet Advancement?

End users will access Internet Advancement via one of the following locations using their my.Scouting credentials:

What do Internet Advancement users need to know about the new version?

  • When units make the transition to the new version, they should fully transition. Users may experience unexpected problems if they continue to use the old version after they have transitioned to the new one.
  • Unlike before, advancement approvals are immediately stored in the BSA database with the new version. There is no longer a “Submit to Council” step after users have approved all desired items.
  • In addition to the FAQs on, a thread has been created on the BSA forums platform to assist users with any questions they may have.
  • The report Unit Leaders will use to purchase items at the Scout Shop is called the “Advancement Report” and can be run from the reports menu just above the roster. The report will include all items that have been approved since the report was last run.
  • The “Advancement Report” looks a little different from the report in the previous version. But don’t worry. The BSA has informed Scout Shops about the new format, so they’ll recognize it right away.


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