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Unit Advancement Report 34403 Phase Out

During the first week in February, the National council announced that it is no longer printing the three-part NCR-paper Unit Advancement Report 34403.  Unit Advancment Report 34403 (2019 printing) *will* continue to be available as a fillable form at    Unit Advancement Report 34403.  

From a UNIT ADVANCEMENT standpoint (pack, troop, crew, ship), we are charged by the Guide to Advancement and our council's board resolution to use electronic advancement.  Here is a quote from the 2019 Guide to Advancement (wording unchanged in the 2017 GTA as well): District Advancement Committee Responsibilities

     8.  Support and promote the BSA’s internet portal for advancement reporting. Accurate advancement records are critical to program planning and analysis. Districts should work  toward 100 percent electronic data entry.

The discontinuing of the pre-printed Unit Advancment Report 34403 may be the opportunity for units that haven't yet transitioned to electronic data entry to begin using an electronic mechanism for recording their advancement.  If a unit cannot change at this time, the Unit Advancment Report 34403 remains available in fillable PDF. Units will just have to print their own copies, in triplicate, once the pre-printed three-part form supplies are exhausted.  Reporting advancement promptly and accurately is what's most important.  Transitioning to use electronic reporting is a close second for units that are not currently using electronic entry.


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