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New Eagle Rank Application Form

The national office has released the new Eagle Scout Rank Application (ESRA).  This is the first update since the April 2017 edition.  It is currently available on, on our council website (as a link to the national site), The link to the application on the link may not be highlighted and appears in black. It is an active link.

 If your unit has any other version posted, please remove that version and replace it with a link to the national site link for the ESRA.

 The changes from April 2017 to the Jan 2019 version are:

1. Gender neutral language

2. January 2019 on page 2

3. Use of term "Scout troop" instead of "Boy Scout troop"

4. Deleted reference to Varsity Scout under Certification by Applicant

5. Revised NESA language at the bottom of page 2

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