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Eagle Project Looking for Life Scouts in Need of a Project

We have a big list of projects if anyone is looking for one. We are a non-profit therapeutic and equestrian riding center. Here's our list... 1) build a wheelchair ramp by our new arena (it would be a smaller scale one than the current one we have which was an eagle scout project) - this one may be taken already. 2) build a viewing platform (we need 2) like the two that are around the big arena (those are both eagle scout projects) 3) build a wall of boot storage shelves for the boots we loan out to the riders if they can't afford or find riding boots 4) Build a wall of storage shelves for our therapeutic riding games and activity items - this would be opposite the wall of boots in the storage area behind the hay. We desperately need organizing for our TR games and activities. 5) make a wall with an entrance door to the boots and TR game storage area - we really need it floored in as well as thin paneling placed on the ceiling since the hay dust comes thru the loft floor and makes everything really dusty down there - basically making it an enclosed storage room. This may be too big a project but then again it may not be. 6) make an enclosed tack room on the left side of the existing tack room - similar to what I listed in #5. Needs a floor, ceiling panels, and a front wall with a door. Possibly a window or 2. 7) we desperately need our sensory trail renovated but this would be a small project or as big as they want to make it depending on how many sensory items and activities they want to add. 8) we need 2 sets of steps added to our current wheelchair ramp - this would be a SMALL project. 9) I am working on plans for a permanent mounting area (so we won't need to worry with the mounting block) for both riding arenas but I haven't gotten the visualization in my head for that yet - I have the idea but not a working plan yet. 10) This one is not directly related to us but the Kraft YMCA in Holly Springs needs a mounting platform with an off-side guide built for their Camp Grace participants to mount our horses for their horse rides. 11) Again, this one is not directly related to us but the Kraft YMCA in Holly Springs needs a long 12 x ?? shelter built so the Camp Grace riders can stay out of the hot summer sun when riding. This may not be feasible since the Y may require it to look like all their other buildings and shelters but it is something to look in to. Email to let me know what project you want to take on. THANK YOU!!


Sue Cornaire

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