Black River District BSA Training - Carl Sommer


1.            Reports to the district program chair.

2.            Establishes district training objectives to train leaders, not just run training courses.

3.            Participates in council meetings dealing with training policies, program, and procedures.

4.            Recruits and orients enough of the right kind of people for the training committee and course instructors.

5.            Prepares an inventory of all leaders who need training.

6.            Plans, schedules, and coordinates an annual district training program based on district training inventory, which includes implementation of council training programs.

7.            Evaluates and reports on training progress.

8.            Maintains unit and district training records, and coordinates them with the council registrar.

9.            Offers training opportunities to every adult volunteer.

10.        Promotes attendance at all training courses to ensure maximum attendance and participation.

11.        Gives special assistance to untrained unit leaders.

12.        Approves applications for district training recognitions.

13.        Gives special attention to training new units and leaders in existing units, especially direct contact leaders.

14.        Works with Youth Protection Champion to ensure compliance with Youth Protection training.

15.        Tracks and attains training objectives.