Black River District Program - Donald Gantt


The program chair’s and committee’s  primary responsibility is to aid in recruiting and building an organization of volunteers to strengthen and enrich unit program by overseeing the district's program function and supporting the work of the district program volunteers.



  1. Reports to the District Chair

  2. Recruits, trains/orients, inspires, and motivates volunteers to carry out the committee functions through chairs for (1) Cub Scout camping and outdoor program, (2) Boy Scout camping and outdoor program, (3) activities and civic service, (4) advancement and recognition, and (5) district and council training events.

  3. Assist each chair in recruiting key committee chairs and members for Cub Scout camping and outdoor, Boy Scout camping and outdoor, activities and civic service, advancement and recognition, and training.

  4. Attends district committee meetings, reporting in the field of responsibility, while lending expertise to the decision-making process.

  5. Participates actively in building the program portion for the district in the council's strategic plan.

  6. Utilizes program reports and records to monitor progress, watch for changes, and respond to trends.

  7. Gives leadership to the annual process of program evaluation, goal setting, and program development that result in the annual district program planning calendar.

  8. Works cooperatively with Venturing to ensure that a quality program is coordinated with all planned activities and developed using all the resources of the district.

  9. Helps develop and achieve the goals in the program area to help the district improve in the Journey to Excellence program criteria annually.

  10. Follows the council activity budget process and requirements.