Black River District Nominations - Bill Davis

The district nominations committee has the responsibility (as specified by Occoneechee council bylaws) to select a slate of competent officers and district members at large. Proper election procedures are followed according to the bylaws. The nominating committee is also a resource for recruiting additional district committee personnel. Collectively, the committee should have knowledge about the district, have extensive contacts in the community, and know where to locate the best prospective district officers and committee members. The chairman is nominated by the Council Executive and is vetted by the Council Nominating Committee.

Nominations Members

EmailDisplaynameUnitsServedNominating CommitteeNomCmteRole
trusguy@gmail.comGlenn TraylorT320
bdavis@tnofnc.comWilliam DavisT253Chairman
jody@lotsofsnow.comJody SnowAll
albaint125@gmail.comAl Bainall
mbaker1768@gmail.comMatthew Baker
dbernath@nc.rr.comDavid Bernath9999
Christyturpin@gmail.comChristy Turpin