Black River District Membership - Mark Schwegel

Black River Year End Membership:

Year End 2019:             Year End 2018:                 Difference:
      1644                                1664                                 -20

District Membership Committee:

The district membership committee gathers information on prospective chartered organizations, helps organize new units, reorganizes dropped units and units not meeting, and recruits new members in a systematic way. It establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with major community organizations and strategic alliances, both those with and without Scouting units. These include religious, educational, civic, fraternal, and veteran organizations and associations; business and industry; professional societies; and other organizations with objectives compatible with the Boy Scouts of America.

  1. Reports to the district chair.

  2. Recruits enough of the right kind of people to support all functions of the committee.

  3. Serves on the council membership/relationships committee.

  4. Establishes a year-round plan for unit and membership growth.

  5. Recruits and trains new-unit organizers.

  6. Works with district training teams to provide new units with trained personnel.

  7. Plans and conducts youth and chartered organization surveys.

  8. Cultivates relationships with potential chartered organizations and community groups.

  9. Shares with other district leaders how to work effectively with various types of organizations.

  10. Organizes new packs, troops, teams, and crews to meet the needs of serving youth in your district.

  11. Analyzes district membership figures for all program levels.

  12. Insures that a new unit is under the care of a commissioner before the organizer leaves.

  13. Conducts membership events in the district: (a) roundup plans, (b) Together Plan, (c) relationships conferences.

  14. Tracks and attains membership growth objectives annually as defined through the council’s strategic plan.

For more information or interest in helping on the Membership Committee please contact: Katelyn Merritt - | | 919-649-2119