Black River District Marketing


The primary mission of the marketing committee is to assist the district in conveying the benefits of Scouting to the general public and the Scouting family. The marketing program should create and maintain a climate of support and understanding that will assist the district in achieving its objectives.           



  1. Reports to the District Chair.

  2. Works with the advisement and approval of the Council Marketing Committee.

  3. Works with the district program chairs and council staff to develop and implement a marketing plan utilizing all event and communications opportunities to reach target audiences.

  4. Utilizes all media sources to create a high public visibility of the district and council including Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Help plans and executes marketing programs that will strengthen chartered organization relationships on a year-round basis.

  6. Develops marketing opportunities, both internal and external, to provide public recognition of volunteers with a particular emphasis on unit-related personnel in conjunction with Recognitions program.

  7. Serves as a resource for all internal printed material, with an emphasis on the district’s and/or council’s monthly newsletters, blogs and social media.

  8. Works with the district executive to develop an annual plan for monthly marketing emphasis.