What is a Commissioner

The role of the Unit Commissioner is to serve as a resource, friend, and sounding board to pack, troop, and crew leaders, to ensure a quality program.  Unit commissioners act as liaisons between the council/district and the individual units.


dwgantt@gmail.comDon GanttProgram Chair
Member at large
P320, C320919-896-0242
cubmaster@cubscoutpack391.orgRobert FroomCub Scout Roundtable ChairmanP391919-637-1104
cozybldr@gmail.comRichard Kelly-CrapseMember-at-LargeT75, P75, C75919-268-3260
jody@lotsofsnow.comJody SnowAssistant District CommissionerAll919-749-8288
myredheads@gmail.comMary HampsonP75, T75, P614, T614, T413, P356, P722919-278-8462
frodo06@aol.comScott FedorchakDistrict CommissionerP-61, T-61, P-125, T-125, P-779, T-779, T-750 919-662-6435
aer1255@bellsouth.netAllen RichardsonFinance ChairmanT202, P202, C202919-467-2190
rwaldrop13@gmail.comRobert WaldropP66, P356, P444919-889-2207
jtcowan@bellsouth.netTony CowanAll919-851-6102